An extraordinary system of cultural and historical resources.

Forms, Guidelines, and Templates


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Consulting With the Idaho SHPO 
General guidance on all aspects of Section 106 review processes at the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office. Includes recommended report format guidance, site recordation information, and eligibility requirements.
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Idaho State, Federal, Tribal Cultural Resource Contacts
Contacts in the field of Cultural Resource Management in the state of Idaho. This list may not be the most up-to-date contact information for some agencies.


Documenting a Cultural Survey

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Guidelines for Documenting Archaeological and Historical Surveys
Documentation requirements for surveys conducted for 106 Review (36 CFR 800) and general archaeological research in Idaho.

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Archaeological and Historical Survey Report Template
Utilize this template for required textual reporting standards of all surveys completed for review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

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Guidelines for Evaluating Cultural Properties
Use these guidelines when establishing the significance of all cultural properties identified during archaeological and historical survey in Idaho.

Documenting Historic Properties

Archaeological Survey of Idaho (ASI) Site Form Database
Download a copy of the ASI Site Form Database.

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Archaeological Survey of Idaho (ASI) Site Form [MSWord]
Utilize this version of the ASI Site Form only when Microsoft Access 2010 is unavailable in your work setting.

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Idaho Historic Sites Inventory (IHSI) Site Form Database
Download a copy of the IHSI Site Form Database.

Idaho Historic Sites Inventory (IHSI) Requirements and Standards for Documentation
Follow these guidelines to ensure that site documentation is acceptable in and meets the recording standards of the IHSI.

Idaho Historic Sites Inventory (IHSI) Manual of Instruction for Data EntryThese guidelines describe how each data field is defined and what data-entry conventions should be used.

Request Site and Survey Information

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Guidelines for the Release of Archaeological Information
Read this document for more information on who the Idaho SHPO will release archaeological information to.

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Guidelines for Requesting Data for Academic Research
Documentation requirements for student/faculty research.


National Register of Historic Places

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National Register of Historic Places in Idaho
Document listing all of Idaho's National Register Properties.


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National Register Eligibility Questionaire
The information in this questionaire will allow SHPO staff to evaluate the property and determine whether it is likely to be eligible for the NRHP.

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Guidelines for Preparing National Register Nominations in Idaho
This document serves as a supplement to the information found in National Register Bulletin 16A: how to Complete the National Register Registration Form.