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The Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has been in the process of developing an Idaho Cultural Information System (ICRIS). The ICRIS is a GIS enabled application which provides internal SHPO workflow management tools resulting in efficiencies that will decrease turn-around times for federal project review. Additionally, it is a portal through which external stakeholders, who are professionally qualified can view all SHPO data via a GIS, and create, upload, and track projects. The general public can view unrestricted data through the guest portal.

For the best functionality and experience, use a Chrome browser for ICRIS. 


ICRIS Access Policy

Access to exempt and sensitive information in ICRIS will generally be granted to the following, provided a signed ICRIS Confidentially Agreement and CV/resume is uploaded to a user’s profile:

  • Professionals who meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards in archaeology/anthropology, history, architectural history, or historic preservation, for purposes related to professional duties;
  • Tribal cultural resource staff for purposes related to professional duties;
  • Federal or State of Idaho agency, or City Section 106 Compliance Managers, for purposes related to professional duties, provided the agreement is co-signed by the Compliance Manager’s senior manager;
  • Archaeologists with a B.A. in archaeology from an accredited institution, provided the agreement is co-signed by a senior SOI-Qualified professional within the user’s organization/agency;
  • Students at an accredited college or university doing archaeological research provided the agreement is co-signed by their professor, who must meet SOI Standards for Archaeology/Anthropology. Research access will have a specified termination date based on the research project objectives and anticipated completion;
  • State of Idaho Information Technology (IT) employees for the purpose of fixing ICRIS bugs or building functionality;
  • SHPO contractors/vendors for the purpose of fixing ICRIS bugs or building functionality.

The Idaho SHPO reserves the right to deny access to ICRIS to a requested user at its own discretion.

The Idaho SHPO reserves the right to terminate a user’s access to ICRIS at its own discretion.

ICRIS Training

ICRIS Improvements and Bug Fixes

If you notice any bugs or have potential improvements email:

Upcoming Improvements

The Idaho SHPO has the following ICRIS improvements in development: 

  • Ability to search project resources 
  • Sorting resources on project view by name, status, and field number
  • Exporting literature review results from the projects page
  • Zoom to project location when creating a resource
  • Resource GIS information 
  • Searching maps by Township, Range, and Section (TRS)
5/9/2024 Updates

The following ICRIS improvements and bug fixes were deployed:

  • Ability to upload multiple photos under projects and resources (improvement)
  • MFA issues (bug fix)
  • Make icons the same across application for shapefiles (bug fix)
ver: 3.5.2 | last updated: