Become a Volunteer

Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS) volunteers are an active and essential part of the mission of ISHS, providing invaluable resources through educational programs, assisting with daily operations and long-term goals.  Volunteering at ISHS provides the opportunity for social and networking through daily interaction and continuing educational benefits through presentations, lectures and demonstrations.


Volunteer Benefits

  • A better understanding of Idaho history through access to educational materials, and close working relationships with professional staff
  • 10% off site store purchases
  • Opportunities to interact with people and share the pride and history of Idaho
  • On-going training and learning opportunities related to Idaho History
  • Invitation to an annual volunteer appreciation event
  • Job references upon request
  • Subscription to the Mountain Light newsletter

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator
An ISHS staff member will contact you to arrange an interview to learn more about your skills, abilities, and interests.

Have questions about specific opportunities? Contact our Membership & Volunteer Coordinator at (208) 514-2331 or email

Volunteer Opportunities

At the Idaho State Museum:

  • Museum Ambassador
  • Visitor Services
  • Educational Programs
  • Collections

At the Old Idaho Penitentiary:

  • Site Interpreter (guided tours, educational programs)
  • Site Host (Front Desk)
  • Exhibit Host (J. Curtis Earl Weapons Exhibit or other exhibits)
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Landscaping/Rose Gardening
  • Table Rock/Graffiti Clean-Up

At the Idaho State Archives:

  • Research Center Page (re-shelving, organizing)


  • Check the areas you are interested in volunteering

    Educational Program and Guided Tour volunteers will have training available. Those positions require working with school age children.

    Maintenance projects may require physical labor including: lifting 20+ lbs., bending, and standing/walking for long periods.

    Working with the Idaho State Museum's collection at the storage facility may require working around dust, stairs, and lifting.

    The events volunteer position may require late evening and weekend shifts.
  • ISHS Volunteer Policy

    Authorization for Background Check As an applicant for a volunteer position at the ISHS, I understand that I may undergo a thorough background check to protect the safety of the ISHS, its visitors, volunteers and staff.

    I hereby authorize the release of any information relating to my driving record, criminal history and any additional specific information relating to the position that I am applying for, unless restricted by law. This authorization is made voluntarily, and for the purpose of volunteering only, and information should be given only in response to an authorized request from the ISHS.

    Confidentiality Agreement The volunteer agrees that s/he will not, at any time during or after his/her volunteer tenure with the ISHS disclose any confidential or proprietary information to any person, other than those persons properly authorized. Additionally, the volunteer agrees that s/he will not permit any person, other than those authorized, to make copies of any reports or documents that were either prepared by the volunteer during his/her tenure with ISHS or which came into his/her possession during his/her tenure with ISHS. The volunteer recognizes that the disclosure of such information may be harmful to ISHS, and the volunteer agrees that such disclosure is cause for immediate dismissal.

    The volunteer agrees that s/he will, at all times, comply with all security guidelines that may be in effect for the protection of ISHS or any department of ISHS relating to the maintenance of files, documents and/or records.

    Photo Release ISHS has my permission to take and use my photograph on any type of Volunteer or ISHS related printed, electronic, and/or published materials without compensation to me.

    ISHS Ethics ISHS is a state agency and system of cultural and historic resources comprised of the Idaho State Museum, State Archives, State Records Center, State Historic Preservation Office, Old Idaho Penitentiary and Historic Sites Program.

    ISHS is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards with the greatest attention to professionalism, promoting responsible government, and excellent customer focus. All ISHS staff, including volunteers and interns, must abide by these standards.

    As a volunteer please note the following:

    o Volunteers should not work for personal gains other than the gratification and enrichment that result from participating in ISHS programming.

    o ISHS may accord benefits for volunteers, volunteers should not accept gifts, favors, loans, other dispensation, or things of value that accrue to them from other parties in connection with carrying out duties for ISHS.

    o Should the performance behavior of a volunteer in any fashion be deemed unacceptable, it is the prerogative of ISHS to ask that individual to relinquish their volunteer status and/or membership.

    o Volunteers are key to projects and special events, if a volunteer is unable to follow through on a commitment to volunteer, please call the person in charge at least 48 hours in advance (if possible) so that a substitute may be found. Please understand that if three shifts are missed without notice, that individual will be asked to relinquish their volunteer status.

    o Volunteers must hold matters of program function and administration confidential. Volunteers who have access to ISHS collections, research, and staff activities must respect the confidentiality of their positions, as well as the significance and integrity of the collections.

    o Volunteers treat all people with dignity and respect. Open to ages, races, sizes, faiths, abilities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, and economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • By checking the appropriate boxes, I hereby agree to and fully understand all of the above conditions as outlined above.