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Certified Local Government

Certified Local Government (CLG) communities are those that shown a commitment to historic preservation. They have done this by adopting a local ordinance and creating a historic preservation commission.  The program is a dynamic partnership between local governments, the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the National Park Service (NPS). It assists local communities in preserving their unique historic character. The Certified Local Government program also provides technical assistance and small grants to local governments. Most importantly, communities use the grants to preserve their historic resources for future generations. The CLG program gives local communities a more active level of participation in the National Register of Historic Places program and a greater say in any federally funded projects in their area.

On of the biggest benefits of the program is the CLG Grant program. Communities use these grants for a wide range of projects: surveys, National Register nominations, tour flyers, historic preservation plans, and even some bricks-and-mortar projects. In recent years, the Idaho SHPO has distributed over $80,000 annually to CLGs. Because of the CLG program, over $2 million dollars have been injected directly into local communities since 1983.

Idaho currently has 40 communities who participate in the program.

FY2022 Grants

The Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is pleased to announce that we are now accepting Certified Local Government (CLG) Grant applications for FY2022! We expect federal funds available for FY2022 will remain level, which means we expect a total of approximately $85,000 to be available for CLG Grants. This represents 10% of the total funds available to Idaho for historic preservation from the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior.

As a reminder, the Idaho Certified Local Government Grants are reviewed on a competitive basis, so it is important that CLGs carefully plan out their proposed projects and submit a strong application. Please refer to the CLG Grant Manual for more details on how the CLG Grant applications will be scored by SHPO.

For FY2022, the Idaho CLG Grant program will prioritize funding projects in the following areas:

  • Surveys and National Register Nominations, especially those related to mining and mining history;
  • Developing or updating a local historic preservation plan;
  • Projects related to underrepresented communities; and
  • Training for preservation commission members, city/county staff, and elected officials.

Certified Local Governments wishing to apply for funds should download the FY2022 Call for Applications and the FY2022 CLG Grant Application form.

Completed applications must be received by the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office by the end of business on December 31, 2022.

FY2021 Grants

The application period for the FY21 CLG Grants has closed. For FY21, the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office was able to pass through $85,000 to our Certified Local Government partners. Eleven communities were awarded funds for FY21. The following projects were approved:

  • Ada County – $7,000 for the survey of properties along State Street in Garden City.
  • Canyon County – $13,000 for continued survey and documentation of agricultural resources in the County, and $7,000 for an expansion of the Map Rock Archaeological Historic District.
  • Gem County – $10,000 to support the rehabilitation of the Ola School building.
  • Kootenai County – $7,000 for identification and documentation of historic properties.
  • Latah County – $7,000 for a reconnaissance survey of the Town of Julietta.
  • City of McCall – $5,000 for an update to the City’s Historic Preservation Plan.
  • City of Meridian – $5,000 for identification and documentation of historic properties.
  • City of Pocatello – $9,600 for the continued survey and documentation of the Bonneville neighborhood.

In addition to the projects listed above, over $16,000 was awarded to support members of Historic Preservation Commissions to attend the 2021 Idaho’s Heritage Conference in Pocatello, and other capacity building projects. The CLGs receiving funds for these projects are: Ada County, City of Idaho Falls, Kootenai County, City of Nampa, City of Pocatello, and City of Twin Falls.

By supporting so many people attending the Idaho’s Heritage Conference, these HPC members will be getting some a great deal of excellent training and education in historic preservation principles and practices, which they will be able to share with their communities all around Idaho.

The application period for the FY22 CLG Grants will open on October 1, 2022. 

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