Certified Local Government Program in Idaho

Certified Local Governments (CLGs) are communities that have shown a commitment to historic preservation by adopting a local ordinance and creating a historic preservation commission.  The program is a dynamic partnership between local governments, the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the National Park Service (NPS), to assist diverse communities in preserving their unique historic character. This program provides responsive technical assistance and small grants to local governments seeking to preserve for future generations what is important from their past. The CLG program is intended to help local communities preserve and protect their important historic resources, provide local communities a more active degree of participation in the National Register of Historic Places program, a greater say in any federally funded projects in their area which may impact historic resources, and generally support local historic preservation efforts through technical assistance and grants.
The CLG Program responds directly to the needs of many different kinds of local communities and links them to the national historic preservation program established by the National Historic Preservation Act. In recent years, the Idaho SHPO has distributed about $75,000 annually to city and county programs through the CLG grant program.
Idaho currently has 37 communities who participate in the program.