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Idaho State Museum Camps

Kids Playing and Having Fun, Camp at the Idaho State Museum in Downtown Boise

Spring & Summer Camps at the Idaho State Museum!

Camps are a great way to provide hands-on learning opportunities for your family! Have a blast with camps at the Idaho State Museum. Experience history like never before as you play, explore, and make new friends. Spring and Summer camps are offered annually at the Idaho State Museum near the heart of downtown Boise. Register for week-long camps or single-day camps online. Camp activities incorporate STEM learning and tie into K-5 learning curriculum. 

The Idaho State Museum has a limited number of camp scholarships available. To apply, please complete the application and submit to

2024 Camps

For students in grades 1-5, ages 6-11.
March 18th-22nd

$70/camper per day, non-members
$60/camper per day, members
Weeklong discount is $25 off. Use code ALL5 at checkout.
Free time for campers offered 8-9am and 4-5pm

Registration deadline is 5pm the day before camp
Max capacity is 20 campers per camp.


Seasons in Idaho

Monday, March 18th

Experience all four seasons in one day! From changing leaves to blooming flowers, from summer fun to winter wonders, campers will discover the thrills and chills of the Idaho State Museum.

Journey Through Time

Tuesday, March 19th

Campers will travel through time, exploring the 1740s, 1840s, and 1940s in Idaho through Museum exhibits and hands-on crafts and activities. Then, we’ll imagine what the 2040s might have in store…

Museum Curator for a Day

Wednesday, March 20th

Unravel the secrets of artifacts and exhibits as campers go behind the scenes at the Idaho State Museum. Taking inspiration from the Exhibiting Curiosity temporary exhibition, junior curators will make important decisions to develop their own exhibit.

Idaho Mosaic

Thursday, March 21st

Grab an apron and get creative – and be prepared to get a little messy! Campers will engage with the landscapes and people of Idaho through art, music, and dance.

Expedition Idaho

Friday, March 22nd

Explore the wilds of Idaho’s mountainous middle and learn about the fascinating ecosystem in the center of the state. Follow along with the animals and people who traverse the rushing rivers and treacherous trails.

2024 Summer Break Camps
For students in grades 1-5, ages 6-11.
June 24th-June 28th
July 15th-19th

Free time for campers offered 8-9am and 4-5pm
$70/camper per day, non-members
$60/camper per day, members
Weeklong discount is $25 off. Use code ALL5 at checkout.
Registration deadline is 5pm the day before camp
Max capacity is 20 campers per camp.


Creature Quest

Monday, June 24th

Mountain bluebirds, sockeye salmon, mountain goats, and parachuting beavers—Idaho has a wide variety of creatures. Campers will learn more about the animals who share our state, create their own beaver parachute, and decorate a home for a feathered friend.

Dig Into History

Tuesday, June 25th

Dinosaurs once walked in Boise, marine reptiles swam in Lewiston, and volcanoes spewed forth lava near Pocatello. Campers will learn about Idaho’s amazing geologic past that stretches back hundreds of millions of years. There will be a mini fossil dig, rock and mineral identification, geode cracking, and more!

Transit Trek

Wednesday, June 26th

All Aboard! Embark on an exciting journey through the rich history of Idaho transportation! Campers will delve into fascinating modes of travel like navigating rivers on steamboats, traversing the Oregon Trail in covered wagons, and crossing the state by train. Join the trek as we discover the evolution of transportation and the fascinating stories along the way!

Community Collage

Thursday, June 27th

How do people come together to create a community? Campers will explore different communities and cultures in Idaho, play trust games like Blind Minefield, make a camp quilt, and envision what they want their communities to look like.

Just Add Water

Friday, June 28th

Water is essential to life and essential to having fun! From dams to rafting down rivers, campers will float a boat, pan for gold, and learn about aquatic creatures in Idaho! Be prepared to make a splash.

Zip Zap!

Monday, July 15th

Salmon runs, irrigation systems, and a town lit by nuclear energy? Campers will consider how innovation changed Idaho, and what we can invent in the future to better the lives of Idahoans. Build a dam, create slime, and explore the power of potatoes!

Rowdy Rodeo

Tuesday, July 16th

Round up, campers! Get ready to experience the Wild West through hands-on crafts, games, and activities inspired by true tales from Idaho’s history. Discover the influence of vaqueros, learn to tie knots, and create leatherwork to prepare yourself for the next rodeo.

History Detectives

Wednesday, July 17th

What was that artifact used for? Who came before us and how did they live? Campers will become history detectives as they investigate artifacts to learn more about the past. Clues throughout the museum will help detectives piece together the facts and learn more about Idaho’s stories.

Eco Explorers

Thursday, July 18th

Explore the wonders of Idaho’s diverse landscapes! Campers will create sand art inspired by Bruneau Dunes, examine the forests of North Idaho, and learn about the relationship between nature and people across Idaho’s unique ecosystems.


Friday, July 19th

How did children pass time before the PS5? Put yourself in the shoes of children from Idaho—from the deep past to now! Campers will play games from different cultures in Idaho, celebrate school spirit, and prepare for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Park Explorers Camp

Monday, July 8th – Friday, July 12th
9 AM – 4 PM
Cost: $450 non-members/$420 members of Discovery Center of Idaho, Idaho State Museum, Boise Art Museum, or Zoo Boise
For students in 2nd – 5th grade, or ages 7-11

Explore Julia Davis Park! Visit a different cultural institution each day. Partners include: Boise Art Museum, Zoo Boise, Idaho State Museum, and the Discovery Center of Idaho. A detailed schedule will be provided. Participants will begin and end each day at the Idaho State Museum.


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