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We are experiencing a piece of history at this very moment. While ISHS sites are closed to the public, Idaho’s history lives on. ISHS membership ensures that our sites continue to educate, preserve, celebrate and serve public needs.

Members are living the history that ISHS preserves – now and for the future.

ISHS members are a part of ISHS family. Families are needed now more than ever, your membership support is vital to sustaining our work during COVID-19 closures. We continue to provide dynamic and engaging historical content, educational resources and meaningful Idaho stories. Please check Idaho History at Home and follow us on social media for digital resources to help you stay connected to our state, its story, and one another.

Your membership is important to us. All new and renewing memberships will be extended to cover the time that the ISHS sites are closed to the public, ensuring you a full year of ISHS membership benefits.

The Membership Coordinator remains available to help members with any questions you might have regarding membership. or 208-514-2331

We anxiously await the opportunity to open our doors for you to access Idaho’s history in person again.

Please view our upcoming special membership benefits in the dropdown menu below.

Membership Benefits

Special Upcoming Membership Benefits

Old Idaho Penitentiary

  • July 13-19 | Members-Only Exhibit Opening of “Riots” at the Old Idaho Penitentiary

Idaho State Museum

  • June 8-12 | Members-Only Hours at the Idaho State Museum. Reserve a time
  • June 13 | Family Second Saturday–Free to ISHS Members. Register
  • June 9, July 14, August 11 | Trivia Tuesdays at the Idaho State Museum, beginning at 5:30pm–Free to ISHS Members.


Ongoing Membership Benefits

  • Time Travelers, a network of hundreds of historical museums and sites across the country.
  • Early registration to major events like Frightened Felons.
  • Membership funds are used to fund critical ISHS programs, helping to preserve and promote Idaho history.
  • Complimentary admission to the Idaho State Museum and Old Idaho Penitentiary.
  • 10% discount at the Idaho State Museum’s M Store and the Old Idaho Penitentiary gift shop.
  • The Mountain Light bi-annual newsletter full of informative articles and upcoming events.



*Students and Seniors (60 and above) qualify for a $5 discount on any membership package
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