Esto Perpetua Awards

Thank you all for joining us for this special evening.

The work of those being honored reflects a lifetime of achievement of their commitment to and passion for Idaho history.  We wish to thank them and recognize them with the 2019 Esto Perpetua award. The Idaho State Historical Society Board of Trustees, Executive Director and staff are honored to be partners with them in the history enterprise and in sharing our love for this great state.

2019 Esto Perpetua Awardees

Robert Singletary, Coeur d’Alene
– Active in a variety of historical organizations at the local, state and national levels
– Conducts public workshops, lectures, tours and living history programs throughout North Idaho
– Program and Marketing Director of the Museum of North Idaho since 2012

Leanne Campbell, Plummer
– Dedicated years obtaining knowledge on the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s traditional arts and language
– Working in preserving the cultural traditions of the Tribe
– Master and dedicated teacher of her arts and knowledge

Friends of Cordelia, Moscow
– Exemplary accomplishments in the preservation of the oldest Lutheran structure in Idaho
– The group and predecessors have maintained this church in rural Latah County for more than 100 years

Keith Petersen, Pullman, WA
– Idaho Coordinator, Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
– Led the interpretive team for the new Idaho State Museum’s history exhibition galleries
– Keith and his wife Mary Reed volunteer at the Historical Museum at the Monastery of St. Gertrude, creating new exhibit galleries

Marla and Morris Krigbaum, New Meadows
– Since 1978 dedicated time and efforts to the Adams County Historical Society and the restoration of the P&IN Railway Depot building
– Each has served as officers in the ACHS including president

Judy Austin, Boise
– Advisor and researcher to Idaho Public Television for shows like “Outdoor Idaho,” “Idaho Experience,” “Dialogue, “Capitol of Light”
– Historian in Idaho who everyone calls on
– Active member of the Western History Association

Ana Maria Schachtell, Boise
– Spearheaded creation of the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho
– Project director of the Idaho Corrido Music Project (2010-2014)
– Participated in the Jesus Urquides Memorial project established by the City of Boise during its Sesquicentennial Celebration

Todd Shallat, Boise
– Director Center of Idaho History and Politics
– Worked with City of Boise establishing First Thursday Fettucine Forum
– Author, editor-coauthor of books on history, engineering and deserts

Cherie Buckner-Webb, Boise
– Founding board member of the Idaho Black History Museum

Russell Tremayne, Twin Falls
– Author and coauthor several publications: The History of Hillcrest Country Club, Surviving Minidoka
– Served on the Board for the Friends of Minidoka, and the Idaho Humanities Council
– Vice president of Preservation Twin Falls

Randy Dixon, Pocatello
– Spearheading the restoration of the chief Theatre in Pocatello
– Leadership and efforts to preserve Brady Park
– Vice president of the Bannock County Historic Museum since 2016

Relight the Night Committee, Pocatello
– Securing the neon signs in Pocatello Old Town historic district remain embedded in the fabric of city
– Education efforts with this project in keeping the community vested in Pocatello’s historic districts

Mary Jane Groberg Fritzen, Idaho Falls, Memorial Recognition
– Founding Chair, Bonneville County Heritage Association and Chair until 2012
– Author of several books and articles on local people and Bonneville County history

2019 marks the 20th year of the Esto Perpetua Awards. The award takes its name from the state’s motto, let it be perpetual and for the past nineteen years, the Idaho State Historical Society has recognized people and organizations who have preserved and promoted Idaho’s history through professional accomplishments, public service or volunteerism, and philanthropy.
Since the award was created in 1999, the ISHS has recognized the inspiring local preservation efforts of more than 100 individuals and organizations from throughout the state of Idaho.

For a full listing of awardees please click here 1999-2019 Esto Perpetua Honorees

The 2019 Esto Perpetua Awards Ceremony