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Searchable Catalogs

Use the catalogs below to search the Idaho State Archives holdings.  

ArchivesSpace is a way the public can access information on the donated collections held at the Idaho State Archives through keyword searches. It contains information about how large the collection is, biographical information, if there are other related materials, inventories etc. The Idaho State Archives currently has three repositories: manuscripts, photos, and oral histories. Not all collections are available and records are continuously added, but you can also visit the Idaho State Archives to see the collections in person! Learn More

  • When searching, try keywords or names related to what you are trying to find information on.
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, consider searching like-words that are used to describe the same thing. Such as, ‘car’ and ‘automobile,’ or ‘bike’ and ‘bicycle.’
  • If you want to find an exact name or phrase, place the search term in quotation marks, like “William Borah” or “gubernatorial campaign.” (Keep in mind that some names can be abbreviated, like William to Will or Bill.)
    This tip also applies to numbers, so if you wish to search exact number of a manuscript or photo collection, place it in quotation marks. Be advised that most manuscript collections are cataloged with a four-digit number, so if you are searching for manuscript collection (or MS) 16, you must search “0016.”
  • Some things, like organizations or government acts, are often referred to in acronyms. If you are searching for something that has an acronym, be sure to try searching it spelled out and abbreviated. Such as ‘Civilian Conservation Corps’ and ‘CCC’.
  • Subjects and names (found as options along the top of the landing page) are also a helpful browsing tool. Try clicking through them to find materials related to a specific person, place, or topic.
  • When available, finding aids are linked under the ‘External Documents’ section of an individual record. Be sure to click the ‘Expand All’ button on each record to see additional information.

The Idaho Digital Newspaper Project makes more than 80 historic newspapers from across the Gem State available to anyone with internet access. Researchers can browse or keyword search articles spanning the period of 1863 to 1925, more than 60 years of Idaho’s history. Click here to access newspapers digitized as part of the Idaho Digital Newspaper Project through Chronicling America.

If you have further questions about researching newspapers at the Idaho State Archives please email our reference team or call the Idaho State Archives at (208) 334-2620.

The Idaho Digital Newspaper Project was a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Library of Congress (LC) and the Idaho State Archives, with technical assistance from the Montana Historical Society. Learn More

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Koha is an open-source integrated library system used by the Idaho State Archives to index resources available within the Dr. Merle W. Wells Research Center. Users can research online to see what is available in the library. Learn More

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