Table Rock

Important Notice for Table Rock Trail Users:
The Table Rock mesa to the trail head near the Old Idaho Penitentiary is managed by the Idaho State Historical Society on behalf of the people of Idaho. During this difficult time we understand many people are looking to the trail system for outdoor respite. All CDC, city, and state guidelines for social distancing must be observed at all times. In the last two weeks an estimated 20,000 people have visited Table Rock. Please note Table Rock is only open to foot traffic at this time. The hours are sunrise to sunset. Additionally, visitors to the site should observe “pack in and pack out” trail rules. It is important to note that some land near Table Rock is privately owned. Pay close attention to signs and stay on the trail. Boise Police and the Ada County Sheriff’s departments may issue citations for those illegally parked or in the area after posted hours. Do not park at the gate on Table Rock road as this is a safety hazard. Please be safe and responsible when using the trails and visiting Table Rock.

The small mesa parking area can accommodate up to 30 cars—we have seen upwards to 250 cars per night, which creates a public safety concern as vehicles navigate a single-lane, dirt road and illegally park on public and private land and roads.

ISHS contract security and local law enforcement have documented and reported vandalism, drug use, violence, discharge of firearms, stolen vehicles, fighting, fire setting and fireworks. These public safety concerns have directly led to the mesa parking lot closure. ISHS encourages trail users to please report any illegal or suspicious activity.

We recognize Table Rock is a sacred place and are committed to its preservation. We welcome all visitors sunrise to sunset daily via designated trails.

Check back often for updates on volunteer recruitment for Table Rock clean up efforts.


Visiting Table Rock
Table Rock is a natural geologic formation comprised mostly of sandstone. The Table Rock mesa and surrounding area is sacred to several Native American tribes. Inmates serving time at the Old Idaho Penitentiary quarried sandstone in the area.

General Access
Table Rock is accessible Sunrise to Sunset daily.
Walking/hiking/biking paths via the Foothills trail system provide recreational access. Parking for these purposes is available near the Old Idaho Penitentiary.
Access after dark is prohibited.
No off-road or off-trail access is allowed.

Safety and Security
There is no parking allowed on Table Rock Road. Violators may be ticketed.
In the case of emergencies, contact Signal 88 Security (208)340-5446.

Additional Information
Please place garbage in the trash cans provided on the site.
Please help keep this site clean and graffiti free so that all visitors can enjoy the beautiful view.
For information about Table Rock or the Old Penitentiary Historic District, please call (208)334-2844.