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Hiring a Consultant

Federal agencies, local governments, and applicants for federal assistance or permits may find it necessary to obtain professional consulting services to aid in completing the requirements of the Section 106 process. SHPO highly recommends hiring a consultant if the initiating party does not have experience with Section 106.

The Secretary of Interior has developed Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards (62 FR 33719) for cultural resource-related professions. The SHPO provides, as reference, a list of historic preservation professionals who have indicated an interest in doing consulting work in Idaho and have provided documentation to show that they meet minimum professional qualifications for a given field. This list is not an endorsement, recommendation or assumption of responsibility for the quality of work of any consultant, but is provided as assistance to those seeking to hire a consultant.

Companies or individuals who would like to be included in the Idaho Historic Preservation Professional Consultants List should contact the Idaho SHPO by phone at (208) 334-3861, or by email at

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