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Looking for Money for your History Project?

Thank you for your interest in the Idaho State Historical Society COmmunity Enhancement Grant(CEG) Program.


Our 2017-2018 CEG Cycle has closed.  Please check back or email to put your name on the notification list for the next Community Enhancement Grant Cycle.


The Idaho State Historical Society serves the history needs of the entire state.  But to be effective in preserving Idaho’s rich history requires strong partnerships.  We recognize the critical need many of our partners have in funding the projects they undertake to preserve Idaho’s history and culture.  The Idaho State Historical Society Community Assistance Grant Program is an important way the Society assists groups and organizations in preserving and interpreting community history.  The State Historical Society also partners with the State Historical Records Advisory Board, the Governor’s Lewis and Clark Trail Committee, and the National Park Service Certified Local Government Program on additional grant programs that provide opportunities to engage Idahoans in preserving and promoting Idaho history to better inform and influence the future.