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Prospector Club Archives

The Prospector Club was a popular newsletter series that the Idaho State Historical Society produced from 2003-2009.  In this charming, old timey newsletter, Idaho students followed the adventures of prospector Lucky Noah and his mule as they learned about important topics in Idaho History. Back by popular demand, the Prospector Club Archives are available for download. It is a great resource for Idaho students, and anyone interested in learning more about Idaho History!

*Please note: contact information in the newsletters is no longer valid.



The Chinese in Idaho

Christmas in the West



Fort Lemhi

Fur Trappers

How Idaho Got Its Name

Hagerman Horse

Idaho Sand Dunes

Indians and Horses

The Invention of Television

Lewis and Clark Meet the Shoshoni


Mary Hallock Foote

Mullan Road

Native Americans and Salmon Fishing

Nez Perce War

Old Pen

Open Range

Pack Trains

Rock Art

School Days

Spanish Flu


The Black Robes

The Year of Fires





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