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State Historic Preservation Plan Update

2024–2030 State Historic Preservation Plan Update


The Idaho Historic Preservation Plan establishes the priorities and goals for the historic preservation community throughout the State of Idaho. This community includes individuals and organizations on all levels and of all types, not just the State Historic Preservation Office – it includes Tribes, nonprofit organizations, private firms, other government agencies, historic preservation commissions, owners of historic properties, and individuals. With so many different groups and organizations making up Idaho’s historic preservation community, it is necessary to have a common framework for our efforts. The purpose of the IHPP is help ensure that all of these dedicated and passionate preservationist are better able to carry out the work necessary to try and bring the Plan’s vision to reality.

Public Engagement

It is the intent of the SHPO that the updated Idaho State Historic Preservation Plan is truly a state-wide plan, which will serve the people of Idaho in the coming years. To this end, the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office intends to conduct the public engagement portion of the State Historic Preservation Plan Update process in a way that achieves the goals of this Public Engagement Plan and adheres to the Guiding Principles to the greatest degree possible. To accomplish this, the Idaho SHPO intends to use a wide range of methods and opportunities, both online and in-person, to engage the public from around the state. Each of these is intended to ensure that the Idaho SHPO gets a wide range of input for the updated State Historic Preservation Plan.


One of the first things the Idaho SHPO is doing to get public input for the State Historic Preservation Plan update is to put out a series of surveys. There is a general survey, which we are asking everyone to complete. Beyond that, there are several additional, shorter surveys which are targeted to specific groups and interests. We are encouraging the public to participate in any and all of the surveys that are relevant.

For more information on Preservation Planning or the Idaho State Historic Preservation Plan, please contact the Historic Preservation Planner at (208) 334-3861 or by email.

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