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Historic Sites Review Board

Idaho Historic Sites Review Board

In fulfillment of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the board serves in an advisory role to the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in matters regarding Historic Preservation programs and policy. The key duties of the board include: review of National Register of Historic Places nominations for accuracy and adequacy; review and comment about the state’s comprehensive statewide historic preservation plan and the state’s annual historic preservation fund grant program; and general advice and guidance to the State Historic Preservation Officer as needed. At least one member must be professionally qualified in each of the following disciplines: archaeology, architectural history, and history. For more information, please contact Jamee Fiore, National Register Coordinator (208) 488-7461.


Amy Canfield
Caroline Carley
Shauna Corry
Kerry Davis
Christina Olson
Nancy Renk
Sheri Robertson
Laura Woodworth-Ney

NR Nomination Submission Schedule


Useful Links

National Register Bulletin: How to Complete the NR Form
National Register Bulletin: How to Apply the NR Criteria for Evaluation

In addition, Idaho has a Supplementary Manual for Completing National Register Nominations.