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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Idaho State Historical Society is the policy-making and governance body for the Agency, is appointed by the Governor, and has all of the powers and duties established by the Constitution of the State of Idaho.  Trustees provide a statewide perspective that informs Agency services and serve as a vital communication link back to communities.

Members of the board are recruited and selected on the basis of their qualifications with due regard to their knowledge, competence, experience, and interest in the fields related to the preservation and promotion of Idaho history.

Idaho State Historical Society Trustees Roles and Responsibilities

The Board represents the entire state of Idaho and are responsible for ensuring that Agency statutes, policies and procedures are followed.  The Board delegates the management of the organization to the executive director and leadership team of the Society.

Legacy Circle of Emeritus Trustees of the Idaho State Historical Society

Established in 2014, the Legacy Circle of Emeritus Trustees seeks to build a state network of ISHS advocates the rough long term involvement with ISHS Emeritus Trustees. Emeritus Trustees remain committed to and engaged with the ISHS and its continuing efforts and developments.

Earl Bennett, Genesee

Ernest A. Hoidal, Boise

Tom Blanchard, Bellevue

Hope Benedict, Salmon

Judy Meyer, Hayden

Jesse Walters, Boise

2006-2021 Board of Trustees, District 2

2015-2022 Board of Trustees, District 4

2005-2017 Board of Trustees, District 5

2008-2020 Board of Trustees, District 7

2008-2014 Board of Trustees, District 1

2009-2014 Board of Trustees, District 4

Current ISHS Board of Trustees

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