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Signature & Family Events

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The Idaho State Historical Society features a number of signature events throughout the year that appeal to a wide range of audiences.  Events are engaging, fun, educational and focus on a variety of topics and locations across Idaho.

Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month

Idaho Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month is a statewide educational outreach program offered annually in May.  Through partnerships with libraries, historical societies, museums, schools, government agencies, and private companies, thousands of Idahoans learn about Idaho’s cultural heritage through programs about archaeological and historical sites, historic architecture, preservation, and landscapes which have been discovered and recorded throughout Idaho.

Events are planned throughout the state during May. 

Brown Bag Lecture Series

(temporarily postponed)

This series includes lectures by celebrated experts on unique aspects of Idaho history, covering a wide range of topics of interest to a variety of age groups. The Brown Bag lectures have taken place once a month from noon to 1 pm.  During the Museum renovation and expansion, the lectures have been temporarily postponed until we get settled into the newly remodeled museum.  Check back for updates soon!

National History Day in Idaho

ISHS administers this national, highly regarded academic program in Idaho and invites students to research and develop topics of local, state, national, or world significance that relates to the annual theme and is historically significant.  National History Day in Idaho (NHDI) helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving, research and reading, and oral and written communication skills, as well as build a sense of responsibility for and involvement in the democratic process.  Regional contests are held throughout the state in February and March, the State contest is April, and the national finals at the University of Maryland are held each June.


Wine, Eats, and Artifacts

Held the third Thursday in August, these house party fundraisers are hosted by the Foundation for Idaho History and provide guests with the opportunity to get up close and personal with objects, archives and stories from ISHS collections in a relaxed cocktail party atmosphere.

Esto Perpetua Awards and Luncheon

A signature program of the State Historical Society since 1999, the Esto Perpetua award honors significant contributions to the preservation and promotion of Idaho history.  It takes its name from Idaho's state motto meaning "Let It Be Perpetual."  Each year organizations and individuals are recognized for professional accomplishment, public service, volunteerism, and philanthropy.  Award winners exemplify excellence in preservation through innovation and demonstrated commitment to the education, protection, and interpretation of Idaho's cultural or natural assets and the integration of these assets into community life.  The annual awards will be held in the summer.

Family Events

The Idaho State Historical Society features a number of signature events that appeal to families, including the annual Frightened Felons Halloween event at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. 

Korean dancers

Museum Comes to Life

(temporarily postponed while the Museum is closed for renovation

Museum Comes to Life, ISHS's annual living history festival, is held in Julia Davis Park. Visitors and families enjoy a day of hands-on activities and demonstrations celebrating the artisans and trades of years ago with expert exhibitors and living history re-enactors from around the state. Don't miss this festival of entertainment, history, food, and family fun.


Frightened Felons

Scare up the courage to be a part of our Frightened Felons Halloween event in October, presented at the Old Idaho Penitentiary.  Join us for over 140 years of history about escapes, executions, death and, of course, ghost stories!  Activities include storytelling and scavenger hunts with prizes.


Fnight tours at Old Penriday the 13th Old Penitentiary Evening Tours

Each month that holds a Friday the 13th, look to the Old Idaho Penitentiary to provide special evening tours that really take you behind the scenes and get in touch with history.

Featured Exhibition

SOLD OUT - Paranormal Investigation
Paranormal Investigation

Jul 27th to Jul 28th