Old Idaho Penitentiary FAQ

Note: Idaho State Historical Society sites, including the Old Idaho Penitentiary, Franklin and Stricker Ranch Historic Sites, the Idaho State Museum, and the Research Center at the Idaho State Archives will be closed to the public beginning Friday, March 20, and all programming and events are currently canceled or postponed until further notice. Essential agency services, as mandated by state statute, will still be offered during the public closure.

This public closure will be in effect until April 6, 2020, unless extended.

Please visit history.idaho.gov/updates for regular updates, free online resources, and more information on services that will still be available during this time.

Curious about the history of the Old Idaho Penitentiary or planning a visit? Check here for the answers to the site’s most frequently asked questions.

When is the Old Idaho Penitentiary open?

What are the Old Idaho Penitentiary's admission fees?

Does the Old Idaho Penitentiary offer guided tours?

Is Idaho's Merci Train on public display?

Can I rent a facility at the Old Idaho Penitentiary for my event?

How do I schedule a field trip to the Old Idaho Penitentiary?

How can I purchase Old Idaho Penitentiary souvenirs or merchandise?

Is the Old Idaho Penitentiary haunted?

Where can I learn more about individual inmates or the history of the site (buildings, guards, wardens, photos)?

Where can I access the catalog of Idaho State Penitentiary inmates?

What years did the Idaho State Penitentiary operate?

Who built the penitentiary?

Were there any famous inmates housed at the Idaho State Penitentiary?

How many executions occurred at the Idaho State Penitentiary?

Where were women held?

Why did the Idaho State Penitentiary close?

Were there any escapes?

How many people died here?

Where is the prison cemetery?