An extraordinary system of cultural and historical resources.

NHD Idaho Teachers Toolkit

Teacher Toolkit

The tookkit provides resources for teachers at every step of their research process.

Introducing National History Day

How to create a timeline    18 Classes to Accomplish the Process

Creating a timeline             Sample Timeline and Benchmarks

AZ Timeline                        AZ Timeline Overview

Baltimore Timeline             CA Timeline          

MN Timeline                       UC Denver Timelines

Online Webinars

How to Implement NHD

Nuts & Bolts of Research & Analysis

Research Resources Webinar

Research Resources

Research Resources-Web

Teacher Planning

Syllabus Sample 1

Syllabus Sample 2 - California

Time Log

Project Checklist & Deadlines

History Day Gameplan

Student Contracts

Student Contract                  Group Contract

Understanding the Theme: Conflict & Compromise                                    

2018 Themebook: Conflict and Compromise

Theme Narrative 2018

Idaho Topics


Theme Graphic Organizer

2018 Theme MADLIBS

Theme Concept Map


Scavenger Hunt                       Document Analysis Chart

Lunchroom Fight 1                   Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

Lunchroom Fight 2                   Photo Analysis Worksheet

Master Teacher Scaffolding Advice


Thinking Like A Historian Graphic Organizer

PBS history detectives lesson plans

Historical Thinking Video 

Selecting a Research Topic

Starting A History Day Project         Topic Ideas Worksheet                             Do You Have A Good Topic?                 

Topic Narrowing Funnel                  Three Topics Worksheet                           Final Topic Selection Sheet

Topic Brainstorm                            Five Individuals That Changed History       Topic Proposal Form    

Focusing History Day Topics            NHD Topic Selection Advice                      Good, Bad, Ugly: Comparing Thesis Statements

National to Local Topic Selection    Modern to Past Topic Selection                 Choosing A Topic Advice From Master Teacher

Conducting Research

Research Strategy Worksheet 1 & 2                           Research Questions and Strategy                CA Project Organizer

NHD Research Plan                                                   Logical Progression of Historical Research   Conducting Research

Initial & Advanced Research Chart                            Research in 10 Simple Steps


NHD Keywords Brainstorm                                         Initial Research Worksheet 1 & 2             Research Questions Worksheet


Teaching Primary & Secondary Sources Lesson Plan    Evaluating Sources Worksheet                 Research Checklist

Primary & Secondary Sources Quiz                             Guide to Sources                                    Bibliography Matrix

Primary & Secondary Sources Handout                       Identifying Sources Worksheet                               

Analysing Primary Sources Chart                                Primary Sources at the Library of Congress                

Finding Primary Documents & Information You Need  Types of Primary Sources   


Taking Notes Worksheet                         History Day Notecards                 Research Resource Tracker

Source Analysis Form & Biblio Cards        Noodle Tools                           Note Taking for Research

Cornell Note Taking Worksheets              Bibliography Notes                          

Tips for Researching Idaho


Evaluating Evidence

EAR Analyzing Evidence Worksheet                Points of View Analysis Worksheet            Justification Paragraph Outline

Research Questions Worksheet                      Historical Context Graphic Organizer        Historical Context Puzzel Worksheet

NHD Research Analysis Checkpoint 1              NHD Research Analysis Checkpoint 2         Corroboration of Evidence Chart   

What Came Before & After Notes                   What Came During Notes                          Cause and Effect Worksheet

Document Analysis Chart                                The CRAPP Test                                       How to Spot Fake News

Writing a Thesis Statement

        Development Process of A Thesis Statement    Thesis Development Worksheet                2018 Thesis Statement Fact Store

        Lesson Plan - Thesis Develeopment                  Worksheet - Thesis Statements                2018 Thesis Packet

        Thesis Grading Rubric                                      Thesis Statement Examples                     Project Map

Project Production and Presentation


        Student Progress Worksheet                             Working on Your Own or In A Group         Questions Judges Might Ask

        How Do I Choose My Category                           Narrative Organizer                                Project Prescription Form

        Levels of Text                                                  NDH Entries Reminders and Checklist      Peer Inspection


        Exhibit Checklist_Rules Worksheet                    Exhibit Guide & Hints                             Exhibit Graphic & Map Organizer

        Planning & Organizing Your Exhibit                   What do I have to do to finish my exhibit?


        Paper Checklist_Rules Worksheet                       Paper Guide & Hints                               Paper Summary

        What do I have to do to finish my paper?


        Website Checklist_Rules Worksheet                    Website Hints                                         Website Editor Handout

        Website Summary                                              Website Tips for Teachers                      

        Website Graphic Organizer Storyboard                What do I have to do to finish my website?


        Documentary Checklist_Rules Worksheet             Documentary Guide & Hints                     Documentary Summary

        Documentary Planning & Tootsie Roll Planner      What do I have to do to finish my documentary


        Performance Checklist_Rules Worksheet              Performance Guide & Hints                     

        Planning & Creating Your Performance                Performance Rough Draft 1 & 2



Annotated Bibliography & Process Paper

        NHD Annotation Guide                                    Bibliography Notes                           Bibliographies Made Easy

        Bibliography Instructions                                Ways to Start Annotations                 Bibliography Creation Tool


       Lesson Plan-Process Paper & Bibliography        Process Paper Guide for Junior Division

       Process Paper Notes

Assessment & Evaluation

     EVALUATION FORMS             Documentary                      Exhibit                  Paper             Performance           Website  


     GRADING RUBRICS                  NHD Project Rubric             Sample Rubric 1 & 2                    Judging Criteria Rubric

                                                   WA Classroom Assessment   History Day Evaluation Criteria


      NHD RUBRICS                         Documentary Qualitative     Documentary Quantitative 

                                                   Exhibit Qualitative              Exhibit Quantitative                                     

                                                     Paper Qualitative                  Paper Quantitative

                                                     Performance Qualitative        Performance Quantitative

                                                     Website Qualitative               Website Quantitative