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Museum Renovation

Change is Happening at the Idaho State Museum!

Dome before removalThe museum is undergoing a dramatic expansion to provide more exhibits, artifacts, and programming for visitors of all ages.  The museum closed on August 4th, 2014 with construction beginning in June 2016. You can still experience the museum at its temporary location at 214 Broadway Ave., in the former Bureau of Reclamation Building.  We are currently open to the public from 11:00AM-4:00PM, Monday-Friday.

 Dome removal

How can I be involved in this exciting project?

To learn more and make a gift to this legacy project, please visit


Why did the Museum close?

The museum closed for staff office relocation, exhibit closures, and collections removal. The interior spaces were treated for asbestos in the spring of 2015, and were taken down to the studs. Large interior architectural features were removed, such as the beautiful stained glass dome, which will be restored and returned to the renovated museum. Construction on the building began in June 2016.


Where can I go for more Idaho History while the museum is being renovated?

You can experience Idaho history at the Old Idaho Penitentiary, the Capitol Building, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the the Idaho State Archives, where you can view the Abraham Lincoln: His Legacy in Idaho exhibit. Don't forget to visit our historic sites across the state, which can be found here.


Is educational programming still available?

Yes! Educational programming is being developed and expanded during the museum renovation. Travelling trunks are still available, as well as outreach programs, and National History Day mentorship. Education staff is currently developing a brand-new teacher's corner with primary source sets, lesson plans, and future museum field trip programs. For more information, please contact Heidi Wiesner-Education Specialist:


2016 Idaho State Museum Business Plan

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Museum Store Sunday
Museum Store Sunday

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