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Lewis and Clark Trail Committee Grants

Idaho Governor’s Lewis and Clark Trail Committee Grants

Sacajawea Center, Salmon

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If you are planning a project that interprets the Lewis and Clark story in Idaho, helps to educate the public about the Lewis and Clark Trail, or assists in the preservation of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail in Idaho, the Governor’s Lewis and Clark Trail Committee might be able to help.  Organizations seeking assistance with Trail stewardship and preservation projects might also want to learn more about grants provided by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.


The mission of the Governor’s Lewis and Clark Trail Committee is to protect the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail as part of Idaho’s heritage; to encourage appropriate maintenance of the Trail; to engender appreciation of Idaho history through education; and to promote economic stability through cultural tourism.  One of the ways the Committee accomplishes this is through a program of grants.  Funding for this grant program comes entirely from the voluntary purchase of the special Lewis and Clark license plates.

How Much Money Can We Get? 

The minimum grant amount is $500. Historically, grants range from $5,000 to  $10,000; however, higher amounts may be considered.  These are reimbursable funds; you will pay the bills and then submit an invoice to the Governor’s Committee to receive your reimbursement.

What are Some Examples of Grant Projects?

The Governor’s Committee grants program originated during the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, 2003-2006, and has been continued since.  Grant funds have been used to assist with Lewis and Clark Trail preservation projects, develop interpretive signs, assist in the completion of museum exhibits, develop websites and brochures to encourage cultural tourism, help with educational programs, and in a wide diversity of other ways.  The key thing to remember is that any project funded by the Governor’s Committee must be tied directly to the Committee’s mission.  In other words, for example, while a project to educate the public about the Oregon Trail is a worthy endeavor, it is not one that this Committee can fund.

What are Some Projects the Governor’s Committee Cannot Fund?
  • Land acquisition
  • Building construction, demolition, or removal
  • Long-term leasing of real property
  • Infrastructure needs, such as roads, sewers, sidewalks
Who is Eligible to Apply?

Idaho non-profit organizations, as well as tribal, city, and county governments.  State and federal agencies are not eligible, but may partner with an eligible organization.

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