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Jerome County

National Register Listings for Jerome County

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Vineyard, Charles C., House


Havens, Bert and Fay, House

Hazelton Presbyterian Church

Kelley, Marion and Julia, House

Shepard, L. Fay, HouseĀ 


Minidoka Relocation Center

Wilson Butte Cave


Allton Building

Barnes, Tom, Barn

Bethune-Ayres House

Blessing, Carl, Outbuildings

Bothwell, James, Water Tank House

Bower, Charles, House

Brick, Frank J., House

Callen, Dick, House

Canyonside School

Cook, William H., Water Tank House

Cooke, E. V., House

Daniels, O. J., House

Doughty, George V., House and Garage

Epperson, George, House

Erdman, G. H., House

Falls City School House

Fry, Merrit, Farm

Gleason, F. C. House

Goff, Hugh and Susie, House

Graves, Lulu, Farm

Gregg, Edward M., Farm

Heuer Well House/Water Tank

Jerome City Pump House

Jerome Cooperative Creamery

Jerome County Courthouse

Jerome First Baptist Church

Jerome National Bank

Johnson, Edgar, House

Keating, Clarence, House

Kehrer, Thomas J., House

Laughlin, Ben, Water Tank House-Garage

Lawshe, George, Well House

Lee, J. O., House

Lee, J.O., Honey House

Mandl, Joseph, House

Newman, J. W. and Rachel, House and Bunkhouse

North Side Canal Company Slaughter House

Osborne, Jessie, House

Quay, Greer and Jennie, House

Ricketts, Julian T., House

Schmerschall, John F., House

Shoshone Falls Power Plant Caretaker's House

Silbaugh, W. H., House

Spencer, Edward S., House and Garage and the Fred Nelson Barn

Stevens, Arnold, House

Stickel, John, House

Sugarloaf School

Thomason Rice Barn

Tooley, Don, House

Van Hook, Jay, Potato Cellar

Van Wagener, Jacob B., Barn

Van Wagener, Jacob B., Caretaker's House

Veazie, William T. and Clara H., House

Vipham, Thomas, House

Webster, Archie, House

Weigle, William, House and Water Tank


Caldron Linn