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Idaho Biographical Index

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Family Portrait, E.K.Lee Family

Family Portrait, E.K.Lee Family

Photo Credit: Idaho State Archives

The Idaho Biographical Index (IBI) is an index of persons named in state, county and community histories, regional periodicals, and selected newspaper articles from around the state and throughout its history.

Statewide histories include Elliott's History of Idaho Territory (1884) and multi-volume histories by French (1914), Hawley (1920), Defenbach (1933), and Beal and Wells (1959), among others. Also indexed are biographical compendia such as Illustrated History of the State of Idaho (1899), Illustrated History of North Idaho (1903), and Progressive Men of Southern Idaho (1904). The newspaper articles indexed are primarily, but not exclusively, death notices and obituaries and include thousands of deaths that occurred prior to the certification of deaths by the State of Idaho (1911).  For more information contact (208) 334-2620 or e-mail.  Begin your search by clicking on the links below:

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