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The History Relevance Campaign and the Value of History in Contemporary Life

The History Relevance Campaign (HRC) is an evolving effort. It began informally in late 2012 with a series of conversations about why history - both knowledge about the past and the practice of researching and interpreting the past - was marginalized in our country. Children are not expected to learn it in schools, community leaders rarely look to it to inform today's decisions, and national leaders select and distort facts to support their positions. Sure, some people visit historic sites and history museums; and many more watch history-based movies. For them, engagement in history seems to be an occasional pleasant pastime, not something especially relevant to their lives. In contrast, those who are active in the practice of history - whether as professionals or amateurs - believe that history is central to their lives, and that it ought to play a greater role in the lives of our communities and nation. 


Early organizers of the conversations included John Durel, Tim Grove, Kent Whitworth, Kim Fortney, and Conny Graft. Over time others began to play an active role, including John Dichtl, Janet Gallimore, Lynne Ireland, Max van Balgooy, and Bob Beatty. The majority of these individuals now form the steering committee for HRC.


We believe that history - both knowledge of the past and the practice of researching and making sense of what happened in the past - is currently important to the well being of individuals, communities, and the future of our nation.

        History is essential because it:


        nurtures personal identity                    stimulates economic development                          teaches critical skills                     helps provide vital places to live and work 


                                   fosters engaged citizens                                                    inspires leadership                                                   provides a legacy



to learn what you can do for your community, institution and how you can become involved.


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