Certified Local Government Grants


Probably the biggest benefit to becoming a Certified Local Government is gaining access to the CLG Grant program. By law, a certain percentage of the money that the SHPO receives from the National Park Service each year must get passed on the CLGs. These grants are only available to CLGs, and are used for a wide range of projects to help support the historic preservation efforts of communities across the state. The grants are competitive and require a 50/50 match from the community (matches can be in-kind and/or cash matches). The yearly grant funds are awarded based on merit, severity of need, and the community’s ability of meet the match requirements.
Details on the CLG Grant program, can be found in the CLG Grants Manual.

FY19 CLG Grants

The Application period for the FY19 CLG Grants closed on December 31, 2018. We expect to announce the recipients of the FY19 CLG Grants in mid-February. The FY20 CLG Grant application period will open on October 1, 2019.

Those considering applying for CLG Grant funds are also encouraged to watch our webinar on the Grants:

For more information on Idaho’s Certified Local Government Grant program, please contact:
Pete L’Orange
Historic Preservation Planner/CLG Coordinator
Idaho State Historic Preservation Office