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Architectural and Historic Sites Survey and Inventory

Idaho Historic Sites Inventory (IHSI)

The Idaho Architectural and Historic Sites Survey and Inventory is an ongoing effort to identify and record historic properties throughout the state and evaluate their eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. The Idaho Historic Sites Inventory (IHSI) is the statewide inventory of architectural and historic properties and serves as a permanent record of all known historic buildings, structures, objects, sites and districts. Currently, the Inventory consists of nearly 30,000 individual site forms supplemented by property-specific documentation such as photographs, maps, sketches, architectural or engineering drawings, historical documents, news clippings, and other miscellaneous materials.  Each record provides searchable data about a property.  The Idaho Historic Sites Inventory Automated Database Form and guidelines are used for recording all architectural and above-ground historic resources as well as linear resources such as agricultural irrigation systems, railroads, and motorized-vehicle-related corridors.

Survey and inventory data is generated and utilized by the SHPO, Certified Local Governments (CLG), government agencies, cultural resource consultants, and property owners to better understand Idaho’s historic resources.  These records are collected and maintained under the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  Documents related to the Idaho Historic Sites Inventory include:   Historic Sites Survey Reports, which summarize the methods and results of architectural/historic sites surveys; Historic Sites Manuscript Reports, which provide site- or area-specific information; Historic Properties Records, which provide mitigative documentation similar to HABS/HAER/HALS with less stringent recording standards; and Context Studies, which provide for long-range preservation planning and cultural resource management.  With a few exceptions, these materials are accessible to the public and provide critical information for research, preservation planning, evaluation, and general interest purposes.

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