Survey & Inventory

One of the functions of the Idaho SHPO is to maintain the state inventory of archaeological and historical sites. The inventory is comprised of sites identified through survey efforts of Federal and State agencies and Idaho cities and counties. Approximately 51,000 archaeological sites and 33,000 architectural and historical properties have been recorded. An ongoing effort is the electronic maintenance of this data to ensure efficient access and service to researchers.

Recording forms for historic properties in Idaho are divided into two separate inventories at the Idaho SHPO. The Archaeological Survey of Idaho (ASI) inventory is focused on archaeological properties or sites, while the Idaho Historic Sites Inventory (IHSI) is focused on historic properties that are not archaeological, primarily the built environment. Researchers are asked to use the ASI site form for all archaeological recordings and the IHSI form for historic buildings/structures/objects that are not ruins. For those properties that do not fall clearly in either of these broad descriptions, or may be appropriate to both, researchers are asked to apply their professional judgement. Perhaps most important is to consider in which inventory the information that is being recorded would be the most useful.

Both the ASI site form and the IHSI site form are completed using a Microsoft Access database. Below are links to download a zipped folder containing the corresponding site form. If you need additional assistance please contact Shannon Vihlene, Data Coordinator.