An extraordinary system of cultural and historical resources.

Agency Management & Performance

Management & Performance

The Board of Trustees of the Idaho State Historical Society delegates the management of the organization to the executive director and leadership team of the Society. 

  • Janet L. Gallimore, Executive Director & State Historic Preservation Officer
  • Tricia Canaday, Interim Director, State Historic Preservation Officer
  • Liz Hobson, Museum Administrator, Idaho State Museum
  • Amber Beierle, Historical Sites Administrator
  • David Matte, State Archivist 
  • Dax Chizum, Fiscal Officer
  • Annette Polidori, Human Resources Officer
  • Patricia Hoffman, Management Assistant
  • Ryan Gerulf, Director of Development
  • Tawna Chesnut, IT Systems Coordinator
  • Stephen Chesnut, Maintenance & Operations Supervisor

The leadership team is responsible for managing Agency performance and ensuring results.

As a full-service Agency, the State Historical Society operates in accordance with the best practices of a number of professions entities, including: 

     Society of American Archivists/Council of State Archivists
     American Association of Museums
     National Historic Preservation Act
     American Library Association
     American Association for State and Local History
     Secretary of Interior Standards for Preservation of Historic Properties
     Government  Accounting Principles
     Governmental Accounting Standards Board
     Association of Fundraising Professionals

To maximize creativity and efficient and effective use of its resources, encourage entrepreneurship, and because of the complex nature of its multiple businesses, the Agency practices a Participative Management Style.

ISHS’s work of enhancing history literacy is carried out by professional staff, volunteers, and partners and is guided by a commitment to public service and organizational excellence.