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Photo Credit: Idaho State Archives

The Idaho State Historical Archives welcomes inquiries about potential donations. Please contact us first before shipping any material. We will then work with you to determine the most appropriate disposition of the material and to conclude a donation agreement.

Idaho State Archives Collections   

The Idaho State Archives collections are extremely diverse, ranging from the original handwritten copy of Idaho’s State Constitution to an 1888 map of the Idaho territory. The Archives provides public access and archival management for the State of Idaho’s 90,000 cubic feet of public records, as well as photographs, manuscripts, maps, books, periodicals, state documents, and oral history interviews.  

The Idaho State Archives collects a broad range of materials relating to Idaho history including personal papers created by individuals and families, and records created by organizations and businesses. Types of materials that we collect may include: letters, diaries, account books, deeds, meeting minutes, scrapbooks, maps, photographs, drawings, pamphlets, invitations, articles of incorporation, professional files, financial and membership records, legal documents, and others.

If you have any questions about the Archives collection or donating materials to the archives, please contact (208)334-2620 or

What types of donations does the Archives accept?

The Archives accepts donations of a wide variety of materials including documents, maps, photographs, and more. Each potential donation is reviewed by ISA staff to evaluate its relevance to the permanent collection.  
Archival materials accepted into the collection generally meet the following basic criteria:
1.  There is an Idaho connection and a known history (who made the item, who used the item, where was it acquired, when was
     it used, etc.).
2.  The materials are in good and stable physical condition.
3.  The materials are unique and not already overrepresented in the collection.
4.  The materials can be acquired without restrictions such as requirements for a long-term loan or permanent exhibition of
     the artifact. 

What Happens After my Donation is Accepted into the Collection?

If the Archives staff determines that the material is appropriate for the collection, the donor completes a Deed of Gift transferring legal ownership of the material to the Idaho State Historical Archives.  The donor receives a copy of the Deed of Gift and donations may be tax deductible.  IRS regulations and policies prohibit Archive staff members from appraising artifacts.  Donors who wish to receive a tax deduction for their donation should consult a tax professional and a qualified appraiser prior to completing the Deed of Gift.