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Essential Idaho Exhibit

The Essential Idaho Exhibition

Please help the Idaho State Historical Society create the “Essential Idaho: 150 Things that Make the Gem State Unique” Exhibition at the Idaho Historical Museum!
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Essential Idaho logoIdaho’s premier history organization, the Idaho State Historical Society, will mark March 4, 2013 as the 150th anniversary of the creation of Idaho Territory with a special exhibition called Essential Idaho: 150 Things that Make the Gem State Unique. Never before has a major exhibition been planned featuring such a wide range of themes and compelling Idaho stories. The three-thousand square foot exhibit will include a dynamic mixture of historical artifacts, images, and media.

Using nominations from throughout the state, a committee of well-known and respected Idaho historians met to select the exhibit themes.  Here is a sneak preview!

Polly Beemis' shoesPolly Bemis – An Idaho icon, Polly Bemis was a Chinese American pioneer who lived on the Salmon River.  From the Museum collection, see Polly’s tennis shoes.

S 95 North-South Highway – Fondly nicknamed Idaho’s Goat Trail, U.S. Route 95 is a north–south highway near the western border of the state, stretching over 538 miles from Oregon to British Columbia. The Leata was a 1970s energy car invented in Sandpoint, Idaho.  It could save a motorist a few gallons of gas traveling down the goat trail.

Franklin – This was Idaho’s first established town site, founded in 1860 by Mormon pioneers who mistakenly thought they were still in Utah.
1910 Fire – This devastating fire, one of the largest in American history, raged across three million acres of virgin timberland in northern Idaho and western Montana.  The Pulaski, a tool developed by an Idaho forest ranger who survived the fire, will be on exhibit.

Help the ISHS make a difference to school children and tourists

Craters of the Moon national monumentAs the state’s largest and most comprehensive history museum, the Idaho State Historical Museum attracts visitors from as far away as Asia and Europe, Canada and Mexico, and as close as our neighbors from across the street in Boise.  It also boasts visitors from every state in the union. The museum’s prime location at the entrance of Julia Davis Park in the center of Boise puts it in the midst of the city’s cultural district, a major attraction for residents and tourists alike. Each year, the State Historical Museum serves over 15,000 Idaho school children through school tours and educational programming. 

Visitors will learn:

  • The economic forces and events that created Idaho Territory in 1863
  • The diversity of Idaho’s people and their contributions to the development of the state and beyond
  • Idaho’s spectacular natural beauty and diversity
  • The stories of Idaho’s 44 counties and five federally recognized tribes
  • Idaho’s past and present industries and their significance
  • Significant events that shaped the state’s places and people
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